Welcome to Save, Invest, Become Free! This is a blog for those that have a strong desire to own their own time, their own life. But before you can own your life, you need enough money to buy the lifestyle you want, for the rest of your life. Until you do so, you need to sell your time and effort to others for money and your life choices will be much more limited. The way you accomplish this is by saving a significant portion of the money you earn and then investing it so it will work hard for you.  It’s simple, but definitely not easy.  Here at IBFree, you’ll find articles that are not just tips and instructions, but are designed to help change your thinking in a way that makes saving and investing easier and more fun.

At first, the money you gain hardly seems worth the effort of budgeting, saying no to some things you want, and learning how to invest.  But over time, since the math is exponential, your net worth increases faster and faster and FI goes from a hope to something that is certain to happen.  I started IBFree as a forum to share what I learned during my journey to an early financial independence at age 39. I’m still working to add some additional financial cushion and because I have a good job, but I now have a choice and don’t worry at all about job security, mortgage payments, or other typical financial stresses. This is really, really, nice. What I learned from others, particularly through the Internet and books, greatly shaped my own thinking about financial independence and happiness and led me to adjust my plans from an already early financial independence at age 55 to a much earlier age.

Despite the many (and growing) great blogs and books out there, I still feel there is a need for additional critical thinking on many of the important topics. In particular, as a scientist, I try to focus on the data and objective analysis to influence my own thinking so that it’s more helpful to me, knowing that we humans are often very irrational in our thoughts and feelings about money and our futures, usually making ourselves our own worst enemy.  My goal is to now share my thoughts, just as I’ve benefited from reading from thought leaders in this emerging area. Some articles you see here will reinforce key tenets of FIRE. Others will provide a new perspective. My sincere hope is that you find them useful in your own FI journey. Happy Reading!

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