The cost of raising a child. Will it really cost you a quarter million dollars?

Yes, children are expensive. Yes, you can save more money if you don’t have children.

However, there are also a lot of sensationalized numbers thrown around that lead to a lot of worry and stress in planning, much of which is unnecessary. The most catchy one thrown around is the cost estimate of raising a child from birth to age 18 that comes from the Department of Agriculture. Why the USDA? I don’t know. Maybe a reader can enlighten us at some point. It seems to be from the nutrition department of the USDA so Continue reading “The cost of raising a child. Will it really cost you a quarter million dollars?”

Why You Should Pursue Financial Independence

Why in the world would I need to write an article to convince you that pursuing financial independence is a worthwhile goal?  Everyone wants financial independence right?

Well, actually, most people don’t.  They like the idea of financial independence.  It’s hard to argue with the idea.  But most people don’t like the steps it takes, particularly the necessary part about saving a lot of the money you earn.  If you’re not highly motivated to achieve financial independence then it’s going to be difficult to achieve before you are old.

So let’s talk about WHY financial independence is worth the effort.

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