Take your already-awesome cast iron skillet and increase its value over 5X!

I enjoy cooking. It’s one of the many things I look forward to spending more time doing when I am not working so much. Cooking is also one of those activities where the equipment you use can make the experience better. Working with a really good sharp chef knife compared to a cheap, poorly balanced, and dull knife is a good example. While the happiness research clearly shows experiences are better for happiness than material goods, material goods that enhance or encourage happy experiences through use are usually worth acquiring if those are experiences that you personally enjoy.

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Mind Against Money – Randomness


The human mind likes stories, even craves them.  We tell our stories about all sorts of things, even when there is no story.  It’s part of some type of innate need to make sense of our environment, of the world we live in.  It’s clear that our mind is uncomfortable with randomness, and often tries to create cause and effect relationships where there are none.

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