There are Many Flavors of Investing. Find your Favorite.

This post is for those earlier in their financial independence (FI) journey who have graduated from a focus on paying down debt, building a small emergency fund and getting any employer 401K contribution match (if you’re lucky enough to get this), and are now faced with the nice problem of figuring out where to invest the extra income each month.

This is typically a time of anxiety.  You feel like you’re putting your hard-earned money at risk by investing even though you know you have to.  But how to make the right choice?  There are so many ways to invest and as we’ve discussed before, too many choices is paralyzing and makes it seem impossible to make the “right” choice.

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One of the best reasons to pursue early financial independence

There are many benefits to becoming financially independent (FI).

Duh, you say?

Well, yes, it’s pretty obvious that the freedom of not being dependent on a job to pay for your lifestyle is pretty great for a lot of reasons.  You can find top 10 and other such lists of these reasons on the internet with a quick search.

But these lists tend to be matter-of-fact and obvious.

If you’re FI, you can quit your job if you don’t like it!  Really?  Maybe I have higher standards for my readers but I’m guessing 100% of you have figured that one out already!

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